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Bitcoin dice has become a hugely popular game amongst crypto gamblers when wagering at cryptocurrency casinos. Players can choose their odds which suits many as different people prefer different volatility levels. More and more casinos are offering dice games and this makes things difficult for players because choosing a site to play at is not an easy thing to do. Luckily we have listed all the best sites below.
Crypto dice is one of the original games that first appeared online. From that day on it has grown in popularity and is now arguably the number one crypto gambling game. The main reasons for this is usually a very low house edge exists playing dice and huge amounts can be won. If you look at some of the sites we promote, it is not unusual for them to pay out tens of thousands to players that have been lucky playing this game.

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Dice Sites

BetFury 1%   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Primedice 1%   No Yes(3rd.Party) No Yes Yes
Bitsler 1%   Yes(Token) Yes No Yes Yes
Freebitcoin 5%   Yes No Yes No Yes
Crypto.games 0.8%   Yes Yes No No Yes
Duckdice 1%   Yes Yes No No Yes
Windice 1%   Yes Yes No No Yes
Paradice 1%   Yes No No Yes Yes
CloudBet 1%   No No Yes No Yes
Bitvest 1%   Yes(Token) No Yes No Yes
Vipgame 2%   No No No No Yes
Cyberdice 1%   Yes No No No Yes
Onehash 1%   Yes No No No Yes
Mintdice 1%   Yes No Yes No Yes
Faucetpay 1%   Yes Yes No No Yes
Jacksclub 1%   No No No No Yes
Bethash 2%   No Yes Yes No Yes
Simpledice 1%   Yes No No No Yes

Dice Bots

Seuntjies DiceBot Windows Lua Github Seuntjies DiceBot Scripts
MyDiceBot Windows
Raspberry Pi
Github MyDiceBot Scripts

Crypto Dice Strategies & Systems

Many different strategies exist but to be honest, it is better if you create your own. One of the most popular systems is the martingale system. This is a very simple system and works as follows. Every time you lose a bet, you double the bet size. Obviously this is great if you are winning but if it gets to 14 or 15 losses in a row then your balance will usually be ripped. Another popular strategy is the reverse martingale strategy. This involves doubling your bet after a win instead of a loss. These strategies can work in the short term but we have never had any luck using them so be careful.

Martingale RULE 1 – Double your stake every time you lose
RULE 2 - Stake one base unit after every win
1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, ...
Fibonacci eg.
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, ...
D’Alembert RULE 1 – Decide Your Base Unit
RULE 2 – Begin With One Unit
RULE 3 – Increase Stakes After a Loss
RULE 4 – Decrease Stakes After a Win
Stake 5 down.
Stake 15 down.
Stake 30 down.
Stake 50 down.
Stake 75 down.
Stake 105 down.
Labouchere eg.
Bet 4 (1+3), lose. Add 4 to the end, giving 1-2-3-4
Bet ​5 (1+4), lose. Add 5 to the end, giving 1-2-3-4-5
Bet ​6 (1+5), win. Remove 1 and 5, giving 2-3-4
Bet ​6 (2+4), lose. Add 6 to the end, giving 2-3-4-6
Bet ​8 (2+6), lose. Add 8 to the end, giving 2-3-4-6-8
Bet ​10 (2+8), win. Remove 2 and 8, giving 3-4-6
Bet ​9 (3+6), win. Remove 3 and 6, giving 4
Bet ​4, lose. Add 4 to the end, giving 4-4
Bet ​8 (4+4), win. Remove 4 and 4, finishing the chain.
Oscar's grind eg.
Bet 1, lose. Profit -1. Bet size stays the same
Bet 1, lose. Profit -2. Bet size stays the same.
Bet 1, lose. Profit -3. Bet size stays the same.
Bet 1, lose. Profit -4. Bet size stays the same.
Bet 1, lose. Profit -5. Bet size stays the same.
Bet 1, win. Profit -4. Bet size is 2 units now.
Bet 2, lose. Profit -6. Bet size remains 2 units.
Bet 2, win. Profit -4. Bet size increases to 3 units.
Bet 3, win. Profit -1. Only 2 units needed to achieve profit.
Bet 2, win. Profit 1. Session ends.

Other Gamblings

Sportsbet     Yes

Crypto Dice Faucets

Do you want to try out dice but dont have funds to deposit? That is no problem, why not take advantage of one of the dice faucets listed here! You can claim some coins and play, that is why faucets are there. They allow you to claim many times so even if you rip, you can claim again and try and build a balance up to cash out.

Provably Fair Dice games

Most dice games run on a provably fair gaming system. This was created to try and put an end to rigged online casino games. This system works in a pretty simple way. Millions of game results are generated before the actual game is played. After the game, one of these results is selected and completely random. The game results can not be altered in any way, ensuring total fairness. This is a system that we are supporters of. Far too much dishonesty is happening in the crypto world today. The fact that so many scammers are around means all transactions are risky regardless of how much they are for.

Which Dice Site Should I Choose?

This is completely up to you, the player and your personal needs. Our reviews are here to help you select a new site to play at. You may like sites that accepts VPN, you may not. It totally depends on the individual. One thing is for sure though, we want you playing at only the best sites and not rogue ones. We will keep you updated with all the latest offers.


What Is The Minimum Bet I Can Make When Playing Dice?

The great thing about playing crypto dice is that you can place bets for very low amounts. Most sites will accept wagers as low as 0.00000001BTC. This is equal to one millionth of a full bitcoin.

What Is The Best Crypto Dice Strategy?

Many like to use the martingale system as it is extremely easy to understand. All you need to do is double your bet after every loss. This is not a get rich quick scheme.

Is Playing Dice Safe?

Most dice sites use a provably fair gaming system ensuring that the actual game results are completely random and not rigged.

Is There A Crypto Dice Bot?

Most sites do not allow bots because it is classed as cheating by many gambling sites. Some do allow them but make sure you check first before attempting to use a bot.

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